We offer dedicated Christian Scientists the instruction and experience needed to participate fully in the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing.  We accept qualified individuals for mentoring and courses who are mature in their understanding of CS who wish to enroll in all or a portion of our program, to begin their practice or to refresh their nursing skills or ethics.

Applicants have come from North and South America, Africa, Australia, and the Philippines. Others are members of our own staff, seeking ongoing development and growth.

Class size is small, ranging from 2-4, to provide individualized attention. Classes typically last 4-5 weeks for English speakers, and 5-6 weeks for non-native English speakers.  Individuals who apply from outside the US must be able to speak and write English adequately for good communication.

Individuals learn best and gain confidence and skill when they apply and practice one concept before moving on to the next. Course work for Levels 1 & 2 includes substantial mentoring and floor experience for about six weeks. One wing is specially devoted to this practice with side by side mentoring by experienced nurses.

Instructors and mentors track classroom and mentored hours, courses completed, types of care given, and other pertinent experience. Self-assessments for skills and qualities, and mentor-assessments for work on the floor are essential parts of the program.

The cost may vary, depending on the length of the course.  In 2015 the tuition is $3600 for each level.  Financial assistance for a portion of the cost may be available from the Albert Baker Fund.

Room and board for those taking classes may be provided free of charge by Fern Lodge for up to 8 weeks.

Course Listings


Six-week classroom instruction, covering all basic Christian Science nursing skills and ethics

Subjects covered:

  • Ethics
  • Christian Science Nursing Principles
  • Beds and Comfort Items
  • Foods and Tray Service
  • Personal Care
  • Mobility and Mobility Aids
  • Meeting Mental Needs-1
  • Communication


Six-week classroom instruction, or course-by-course if employed at Fern Lodge

Subjects covered:IMG_4290 copy

  • Cleansing & Bandaging
  • Advanced Foods
  • Advanced Bed Care
  • Sudden and other Special Needs
  • Meeting Mental Needs-2
  • Home Nursing


Four-week classroom instruction, or course-by-course if employed at Fern Lodge

  • Supervising
  • Maternity Care and other specialized subjects

If you are interested in taking a class with our Director of Christian Science Nursing Education, Sharon Strong, please call her at 510-886-2448 Ex 222 or fill out the class form here.

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