Fern Lodge 2020 Annual Meeting Replay

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Fern Lodge 2020 Annual Meeting Replay (Full Length/ 1 h 45mins)  

Part 1.Reading from Betsy Anumu

Part 2. George Strong — Update from Administrator

Part 3. Deanna Belyk Proctor – Christian Science Nursing Update

Part 4. Sharon Strong – Christian Science Nursing Education Update

Part 5. Vanessa Campbell — “Persistence in Prayer”

One Comment on “Fern Lodge 2020 Annual Meeting Replay”

  1. Thank you, for your beautiful Annual Meeting of Fern Lodge.
    Your inspiring messages and reports of the work you are doing, for God, and all mankind, are special to me. As I am a Christian Science Nurse in Training [Level 2] and am gaining in experience in this ministry of serving and blessing, I can relate to your examples. I have found each one of the talks speak to me so clearly and impersonally that it must be the way the Christ is being expressed.
    Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing your lively joy in doing this work, –
    . I too love gardening and animals and know that they are being taken care of when we are called to care in another way.
    Thank you,

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