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Cherishing and nurturing our Christian Science nursing ministry affords so many opportunities to witness God’s healing presence. In a time when the world seems full of fear and uncertainty, and while we are sheltering in place and practicing social distancing, we also are witnessing people coming together in new ways. Thanks to the technology, families and friends are staying in touch. We are able to host inspirational talks, church services, and hymn sings online. We are learning, recognizing, and demonstrating that love can be felt and can comfort without a physical touch.

One family has been delightfully innovative. They come well-prepared, cheerfully visiting, and eating outside no matter if the weather is cold or rainy. After dinner, they watch a movie together through the patio door. They come back the next morning for breakfast and enjoy lunch before heading back home.

Gratitude and love are healing, and they radiate out from the involved individuals, like rays from the sun, to shine on those we see and those we think about. Let us all go forward and shine like the lights God made us to be for all those to see.

— Director of Christian Science Nursing

As a patient here at Fern Lodge, I am very appreciative of the transparent, open, and clear communication with staff. I am grateful for the Christian Science nurses. They are always willing to listen and cooperate with my individual needs, which may be very different from other patients. The atmosphere and attitudes are refreshing and supportive, and I am very, very grateful for the love you can depend on at Fern Lodge.

— Patient at Fern Lodge

I cut myself working in the kitchen the other day. Seeing that this required some attention, I sought out management immediately to see what was best to do. Two Christian Science nurses arrived promptly and started providing care. Their kindness, genuine concern for my comfort, and professionalism was care I’ve not been provided by others. This allowed me to continue serving the guests at Fern Lodge. Another Christian Science nurse arrived later and checked on my finger and provided additional care to the wound with the same love, care, compassion, and professionalism. They even followed up one more time with me later in the afternoon. The entire nursing staff has gone above and beyond any care I have received in the past. God bless Christian Science nursing and God bless Fern Lodge.

— Kitchen staff at Fern Lodge

I am grateful to be God’s servant, giving my whole heart while working at Fern Lodge. I am also grateful to have a wonderful sense of home at the staff housing with the other individuals that live there.

—- Christian Science Nurse at Fern Lodge

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