November 2023 Newsletter – Journey to the True Nature of Christian Science Nursing: a calling to express home, family and community.

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by Marjorie Dala, Fern Lodge’s Co-Director of Christian Science Nursing

Watchfulness and individual spiritual growth lead to community bonds. As we apply Christian Science in our daily lives, we build a community that is continuously growing and reflects a “structure of Truth and Love,” as stated by Mrs. Eddy.

I was introduced to Christian Science by my best friend. We were both introduced to Christian Science nursing by a fellow church member who was a Christian Science nurse. My best friend and I started our Christian Science nursing ministry in Ohio, far from our hometown in the Philippines.

I cannot describe my journey into Christian Science nursing by listing the physical steps, the classes I took or facilities I’ve worked in; my journey was not about my personal landmarks, but about the people I met and grew with as a community and family.

Christian Science nurses feel called to the ministry. Christian Science nurses do not leave home and their families, though to the physical sense it may appear so. Instead, as Christian Science nurses travel to help, they carry the sense of home with them. We are at home with God wherever we go. Every one that serves God in a heartbeat will continue to gather hearts in harmony with Him. The Church within us structures our demonstration of Love as we are willing to help and be helped. Our ability to commune with God individually brings us together in unity with the same purpose that brought us into the movement of Christian Science Healing. A quote I’ve always loved states:

Oh, may the love that is talked, be felt! And so lived, that when weighed in the scale of God we be not found wanting. Love is consistent, uniform, sympathetic, self-sacrificing, unutterably kind; even that which lays all upon the altar, and, speechless and alone, bears all burdens, suffers all inflictions, endures all piercing for the sake of others, and for the kingdom of heaven’s sake.

(Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 312:2)

The true nature of Christian Science nursing is seen in the way the teachings of Christ Jesus reach inward and outward mentally with the power of Truth. Jesus speaks with authority and compassion, and, in doing so, heals sickness, sin, and death. It is an uphill battle to overcome pride and timidity of worldly affairs that enslaves but it is not impossible to overcome. The Christian Science Nursing Ministry has taught me to be alert against wrong mental suggestions, to do my duty to God and to serve my fellow man.

Forbearance and humility is the way of Christian Science practice and needed in Christian Science nursing. There is still a need to take a hike higher and deeper in the Ministry of Christian Science Healing. I have joined the family here in California, Fern Lodge. It has been a joy to work with people who have the utmost love to give to the community we are in and beyond. In God’s appointing we are set out for “… a more expansive love, a higher and more permanent peace.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 265:14)

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