Our Part in Church

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by Sharon Strong, Director of Christian Science Nursing We often talk about the Manual bylaw for Christian Science Nurses, Article 8, Section 3 1. But there’s another bylaw–Article 8, Section 15–which sets the stage for serving in Christian Science nursing organizations. It’s called, “Church Organizations Ample,” and it reads in part: God requires our whole heart, and He supplies within … Read More

Unity Demonstrated

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Excerpts from a talk by Jack Hubbell, CSB It is appropriate that we call Fern Lodge a care facility. Care denotes love, and love is the significance of service. Care finds joy in doing good for others. Just as we say that God expresses love, we can say that God expresses care. Care epitomizes the never failing attitude of our … Read More

Christian Science nursing in practice

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by a Christian Science nurse I was praying specifically about a patient’s care, and the qualities of thought being expressed. Every day seemed to repeat the same verbal material story. I had reached the point where I just couldn’t partake of that verbal rehearsal anymore. I was praying to know how to be free. I was led to where Mrs. … Read More

From the Director of Christian Science Nursing (2005)

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Christian Science nursing is an essential aspect of living and loving as our Master, Christ Jesus. The inherent, childlike instinct to follow His example brings true and lasting satisfaction. There’s a story in Matthew 25 that illustrates the relationship between nursing and rejoicing in the kingdom of heaven. Here Jesus presents an equation: caring for Christ’s brethren = caring for … Read More