The Fern Lodge Board Presents: The Strawberry Harvest Staff Appreciation

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“Today we are celebrating the sweetness of peace and harmony among ourselves, enabling that to shine on the folks who live here; the sweetness of victory following persistent effort in challenging situations; the sweetness of knowing God is here, God loves us all, and God is governing.” – The Fern Lodge Executive Board

The staff and the board of Fern Lodge are all working towards the same goals: the best interests of the facility and the patients inside. The Fern Lodge board hosted a lunch on our patio to show their appreciation for the day-to-day work and effort the staff puts in to continuing Fern Lodge forward the best they can.

There was homemade cake and fresh strawberries for all to eat. It was a welcome break for the staff to connect with each other and enjoy the bright summer day. Anna Lisa gave a speech, and afterwards homemade jam and personally signed letters were given to each of the staff, including those who couldn’t come during the lunch. It was wonderful time for everyone.

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