Our Purpose is to Heal

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To fulfill our purpose Fern Lodge provides the following services: • Christian Science nursing for individuals who rely wholly on Christian Science for healing; • Benevolence for patients who qualify; • Education in Christian Science nursing, including bilingual English/Spanish instruction; • Helpful in formation about Christian Science nursing and the unique role of Fern Lodge. The Christian Science nursing ministry … Read More

Christian Science Nursing Education Opportunities

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At Fern Lodge a practicing Christian Scientist can gain the necessary skills, judgments, and practical experience Mary Baker Eddy envisioned for a Christian Science nurse (Church Manual, pg 49). We welcome individuals who are able to heal themselves through their own prayers, who have hearts full of love and cheerful dispositions. Fern Lodge offers a flexible, professional approach to Christian … Read More

Payment for Service and Benevolence

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No one who would benefit from and be blessed by Christian Science nursing care should hesitate to call Fern Lodge because of financial considerations. We understand that divine Love’s provision meets every human need, including the supply that provides for all necessary care. Christian Science nursing care at Fern Lodge may be partially paid for by the Medicare or Medi-Cal … Read More

Message from the Administrator 2008

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The Role of the Church Manual in Christian Science Church–100 Years of Discipline Christian Science nursing is a timeless expression of Christ’s love. It is one way Christians can fulfill Christ Jesus’ command, “Love one another as I have loved you.” All who seek to follow Jesus’ example and demonstrate Christian Science healing must include simple kindness and care for … Read More

Loyalty to Our Leader

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by Edwin Leever, CS. from Rocklin, CA Mary Baker Eddy valued her loyal students, and to help us understand what she valued she wrote, “By loyalty in students I mean this, — allegiance to God, subordination of the human to the divine, steadfast justice, and strict adherence to divine Truth and Love” (Ret 50: 19). At our 2008 Annual Meeting, … Read More

The Healing Effects of Patient Activities

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By Robin Barben, Activities Director A group of patients here at Fern Lodge reached out to a Christian Scientist who is in prison. The patients discovered a renewed sense of usefulness as every Monday for nine years we wrote letters to him. We sought to see more clearly the spiritual man, who is innocent, in spite of the fact that … Read More

Fern Lodge’s Benevolent Focus and Current Financial Needs

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What a joy it is for us to witness the power of divine Love year after year. Prominently displayed on the wall of many Christian Science branch churches is Mary Baker Eddy’s familiar statement, “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.” This fact is demonstrated every day, week, month and year that Fern Lodge provides … Read More

The Healing Grace of Spiritual Activity

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by Robin Barben, Activities Director A key goal of my work is to be awake to the ever-present activity of Christ, Truth, and to recognize the truth of being as the only expression of man, including the patients and employees at Fern Lodge. Watchful and wakeful consciousness is required to see spiritual growth, especially when the beliefs of age, apathy, … Read More


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The featured talk at the 2007 Fern Lodge Annual meeting was of great interest to Christian Scientists, and of importance to mankind. Brad Stock, PhD, of Columbus, Ohio, shared many precious glimpses into the character of the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy. Today, Christian Scientists around the world acknowledge with gratitude the contribution Mrs. Eddy has … Read More